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Amazon Ranking Factors

A number of data-driven posts on exactly what Amazon’s ranking algorithm takes into consideration for keyword ranking.

Back to Basics Amazon Training

A 10-post series on what it takes to build a successful Amazon business from start to finish.

Optimize Your FBA Logistics

Do you need a prep center? Would you like to just send your goods directly from China to FBA? Learn how here.

Turning Amazon Customers Into Your Own

This is how to leverage Facebook’s ad platform to turn your Amazon buyers into life-long customers of your brand.

Copywriting for Marketplace Listings

The ability to write copy is an important skill, but the rules are different for marketplace listings. Learn how to do it right.

Back End Search Terms (Amazon)

This post demystifies some of the controversial and confusing issues surrounding back-end search terms.

Guide Through Hong Kong Fairs

How to get the most out of trade shows and sourcing fairs in Hong Kong.


Seller Sessions Videos

Global Sources Summit Presentation



Amazing FBA Podcast

150 Optimising your Amazon Listing with Anthony Lee Part 1 of 3

151 Amazon Product Launch with Anthony Lee Part 2 of 3

152 AMS – Amazon Marketing Services with Anthony Lee Part 3 of 3

#49 Amazon market research, credit & margins with Anthony Lee Part 1

#50 Product Process, Suppliers, Freight and Amazon Future with Anthony Lee Part 2

Private Label Movement

From Waiting Tables to Amazon Private Label Success with Anthony Lee


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