A Little About….All This

Things sure are different these days. The whole “go to school, get a job you LOVE, work 40 hours a week, make enough to prosper your family, climb the corporate ladder, retire happy” model just seems so far away. Nowadays it just feels like there’s too much work, too many bills, not enough free-time, not enough FREEDOM.

And truthfully, a lot of people are tired of working for someone else anyway. Tired of playing by someone else’s rules. Tired of having to ask permission to do things like; go on vacation, or take a mental health day.

Yet, it just feels like a way out is too far out of reach. You ever just feel…..stuck?

Yea. That’s called “the rat race.” Kinda stinks huh?

Thing is, there are so many ways to escape, but they are hard to see while you’re in the maze. When everyone’s heads are down hunting for the cheese, it takes a special inspiration to look up and see a way out. (Ok, I probably took that whole rat analogy too far).

I used to be SO STUCK, it was unbelievable. I racked my brain and tried everything I could find but could not seem to make a dent in what seemed to be a terminal mediocrity. An unhappy, unfulfilling, unproductive life. Thankfully, all that has changed and I would LOVE to share with you exactly how…

Hi, I’m Anthony Lee

I will never forget the feeling in my chest the day I decided to quit my day job. I had only ever worked for someone else, had “regular jobs” all that paid less than $30,000 a year. This was the most exciting and scary thing I had ever endeavored in my professional life.

To give some context, at that time in my journey I had recently just given up on my dreams. Literally. I went from aspiring to be a billionaire (no joke) to believing it would never happen and deciding I would settle for $60k a year and some upward mobility. Oh, how far I had fallen.

Due to this soul-crushing realization and acceptance of a mediocre fate, I was ecstatic to have taken a copywriting job that allowed me to reduce my restaurant waiter job to only one day a week (couldn’t afford to outright quit). I wasn’t making any more money and I added a two hour commute but I had been applying for writing jobs for almost two years with nothing but rejection. This was my ticket out of the restaurant biz forever.

Little did I realize that I’d soon stumble onto a video describing how to sell products online by importing customized goods from China. Little did I know that I’d actually have the courage to give it a try. And little did I know that I would finally succeed in a pretty big way and reignite my dreams from their depressed ashes.

So there I was, working up the courage to just DO IT. Over the previous week I had been fielding calls from people who wanted to be my clients, while also setting up my new position helping a colleague grow a SAAS that serviced ecommerce sellers. That week I had secured for myself an income that quintupled what I was making at that day job.

I vividly recall my boss trying to think of what he could offer me to stay. He had been the ONLY person to have faith in my abilities, despite my lack of formal education (I’m a high school dropout). He saw promise in me and wanted me to move up in his organization. However, when I explained to him that I had just taken a chance on importing and managed to sell $25,000 worth of imported goods inside of three weeks, and that led me to getting a ton of clients, and that led me to being invited to the SAAS project, and all that would pay me well into six figures, he was speechless.

And I kind of felt bad. But only for as long as it took me to get to my car. I remember driving that hour-long drive home thinking about how I’d be able to wake up the next day and go out back to swing my daughter if I wanted to. I thought about how I’d never miss one of my oldest daughter’s jiu jitsu matches. I thought about how I’d get to spend more time with my wife than I’m sure she’d ever wanted.

Life. Was. Good.

Over the last few years I’ve learned a LOT. Had many ups and downs. Won some, lost several. Through it all though, I realized my strengths and weaknesses. I realized I have a knack for this importing thing. For negotiating and communicating across oceans and across languages. For spotting opportunities and capitalizing on them.

So What? What Does That Have To Do With YOU?

I started this project because I want to share what I’ve learned. I want to help other people, other parents, other fathers like me (for example). Who have had to sit there on Father’s day working at their job, desperately wishing he could be home with his kids (seriously this happened to me for years and it SUUUUUCKED).

As a writer, my biggest strength is creating content. So the mission of Import Hacker is to provide comprehensive content, how-to guides, SOPs and templates that will help you forge your own path.

But People Making All That Money Online Don’t Teach People How To Do It. You Probably Make All Your Money Selling Your Guru Courses……CHARLATAN!

You caught me. I’m a total sham.

Actually, you couldn’t imagine how many times I’ve thought this of myself. Ups and downs, ya know?

Truth is, business isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Especially when dealing with physical products, overseas suppliers, ecommerce marketplaces and advertising platforms.

So why do it? Why not just focus on my business and brands?

Because this is truly my favorite subject to talk about, think about, read about. I know when I refer to myself as a writer people conjure an image of an artsy person. And the thick emotional appeal in this “About Me” section doesn’t do much to dissuade from that image.

In reality though, I am super analytical. I am a true skeptic that follows data, experiments and only after several tests will I consider a hypothesis valid. With this almost scientific approach to business I try to make the content of Import Hacker comprehensive, step-by-step, and actionable.

Essentially, I will nerd out on this all day every day. So the Import Hacker blog and courses allow me to do just that while still making a living. It’s a value for value proposition. A “win-win” even if you are like me and you hate when people use that term.